Covid-19 Test & Trace Program

Thanks to the rapid advances in Serological Covid-19 Antibody Field Tests, we can deploy testing stations at our workplaces to test educational and health workers quickly (in ONLY 15 minutes) and safely for the two types of antibodies (Igg and IgM) that the body produces when fighting Covid-19.

Igg and IGM are respectively produced when the body is sick and positive for Covid-19, and when the body has beaten Covid-19 and you are no longer contagious.


Enrolling in the CEPPWAWU Covid-19 Test & Trace Program is quick, safe and easy!

Administrators can sign up a worker or community member in moments, by taking down their details, taking a photo of their photo ID and face, and then share, send or print their Covid-19 ID to be used at the testing station.

People can optionally also setup a personal PIN to access their own data in future securely if they have phone with them.

It is paramount that we protect the privacy of all people that are tested, so our program requires either the patient's consent to access their personal information through a One Time Pin sent to their phones, or an authorised and trusted leader's access code to open up this information.


Some field tests require the volunteer to have completed any primary care course, most are simple enough to use with little training. Our Testers will scan the person’s Covid-19 ID, drivers license / ID book / Passport (foreign nationals are also accepted), take their photo before opening a field test kit and linking it in the app so they can do the test, and finally logging the result. The worker will then receive their updated Covid-19 ID image either via WhatsApp or Bluetooth, or load it in their own app, or can have it printed on a thermal slip printer by the Tester.

We can work with every part of society to deploy our verification mobile app and field testing kits beyond just our places of work, and support our entire community by recruiting the places of large people gatherings to help us test, and scan to verify the status of our people wherever it is prudent to do so.

Retail Malls
Faith Gatherings
"We can reach everywhere and help open up lives again."


We start by empowering our health and education workers with the same Covid-19 Program mobile app on their phones, so with a data connection they can scan people coming into their workplace. This scan does 2 very important things:

  1. Logs who were at the same place together, in case someone tests positive in a few days, so we know who to warn to check for symptoms and get tested.
  2. It tells the worker whether the person entering has been tested recently, if they were in recent close contact with an infected person, and their status (untested, negative, suspected, infected, or recovered) to arm us all with accurate information.

The same tool works for anyone with our app, in schools, churches, retail malls, ranks, any other public gathering.


We anticipate that the mandatory screening questionnaires will evolve rapidly over the course of the next few weeks as government learns where the most likely infection vectors now are (foreign travel is now irrelevant, even though government tests –which we’ve used as a baseline – still emphasize this). It is key that the journey is flexible and can be updated to ensure an effective “risk score” is associated with each person, and that they are directed to self-isolate and where necessary complete testing – especially when testing is now becoming more practical and affordable due to field antibody test kit availability.

Trusting the blockchain

In order to ensure that the national command council and other public and partner organisations fighting Covid-19 with CEPPWAWU can trust the information our program generates to include in their systems, we use a public blockchain platform to store ANONYMOUS testing location, date, and result information.

All personally identifiable information is securely stored and protected within the NEHAWU program servers, with a reference to the blockchain address to link test information.